Sunday, November 17, 2013

...just for fun...on a trip around Luanda

 New areas of the city
 Complete with street lights
Very nice and very clean
A visit to the street market in Kalumbo
Along the Kwanza River
 Ships in port
Back in Luanda traffic
gotta love it....


Only Sister missionaries in the country of Angola
Sister Lopes, Sister Abdo, Sister Merrill
President Merrill 

      Elder Abdo and Elder Lopes
Our visit to a fishing village next to a beautiful resort was a
rewarding day!
Repairing the boat
 Fixing the nets
                                        Cleaning the tarps
And kids bearing gifts!!  If you look close, it is a snail still in the shell....yuk!!
Caboledo Resort


Monday, November 4, 2013

Sending off another Elder from Angola
Setting apart for Elder Andres
Elder Andres will be serving in Portugal, but is here on a temporary assignment serving in Lubango.
That same week we sent Elder Kearney home to Utah.
Elder Kearney is going to be missed by everyone.
It was harder to say goodbye that we thought it would be.
Goodbye for now Elder Kearney...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our newest Elders leaving from Angola to serve the Lord.
Elder Francisco will serve in Ghana

Elder Dos Santos will serve in Cape Verde


A dinner in their honor the night they were set apart.
Some pictures of Luanda from the air.
I didn't realize it was soooooo big!!!

 We face traffic like this every day.
Some of the great people in Lubango...
This is Bemvindo. Her first day of Primary
While President is doing interviews,
I get to visit with some of the Priesthood leaders.

 Great men with a testimony of the gospel. 
 All wanting to serve their Heavenly Father.
On our way to October
 We met Ivo.  A former professional basketball player.  Boy did I feel small...look at his hand on my shoulder!!!  Super nice man from Luanda!  He actually showed up at church with us on Sunday.
Look what was here to greet us as we walked out of the
Reminded me of my Dad...always trying to keep his cattle out of the town!! 
But the airport!?!? Really?!?

We took some free time to just enjoy and do some sight seeing.  We walked through a mini zoo.

This is a group of the Mamuila tribe. 
They do their hair with mud/clay.
Be careful taking pictures...they don't wear anything from the waist up!!
Zone meetings are taken care of by the Zone leaders...What happens when we show up to observe?
OR THIS???  You decide for yourself...
Then the zone meeting in Lubango!!!
Elder Wilson, Elder Mariquele, Elder Cafferty, Elder Brown, Elder Wilhelm (look real close you can see Elder Kearney back there somewhere!!!
We have more room, anyone else need a ride?
Of course the power is out.  So we gather in a circle and we continue with flashlights.
We listen and feel the spirit even in the dark of night.
We are so grateful for each one of them and their diligence and dedication to their Heavenly Father.