Monday, June 23, 2014

We cannot describe the joy of a visit to the Orphanage.
(with words of wisdom)
 Don't throw your trash on the ground.
 Don't hit your brother.
 The owner of the orphanage is in her 90s. 
She is in the center.

 Elder and Sister Henry, Elder Dredge and Elder McCune
While we are there, we help the kids learn Math and have reward stickers for them.  They love the boys with the white shirts!!!

  Elder McCune and Elder Banta
 Elder Hollingsworth
Elder Alfredo
 President Merrill
 Elder Figueiredo

Elder Chatwin and Elder Dredge.  Wow he's happy with his reward stickers!!
 Elder Hollingsworth
Also enjoying the use of the reward stickers!!
 Elder Pimentel
 Playing, laughing and singing together

 Enjoying the dolls Sister Henry brought.
Sister Merrill and Elder Chatwin passing out treats.
Time with the Missionaries.
 Delivering new mission calls is always a wonderful experience.

 Elder Chatwin wanted to wish his brother a Happy Birthday, so everyone jumped in after a training meeting.
We sure do love them all.
OH WAIT!!!  This isn't an Elder!  OOPS>>>
Other happenings...around the
Mission in the month of June...

Involved in a bit of a fender bender/they look pretty beat up don't they?
Poor babies :(

Elder Sefita hit his head...

 Elder Magaia hit his head and Elder Petersen is just happy to be there!! But all is well....
 Supplies delivered to our home. Now to haul them to the office.
  The owner we rent this chapel from decided he wanted one of the outside he took it one day!!!
 Now to decide what are we going to do?  Make do without it or replace it.
 Another part of town...looking to open a new area for missionaries and maybe start a group there.
And always time for fun.  This is our District President and wife at a party for couples.  President and Sister Miranda.  It was a 70s theme with a dinner and dance.  
We have been waiting for Visas
Arrived June 2, 2014
Don't they look great!!!
 Elder Alfredo

 Elder Maezane
 Elder Magaia
 Elder Figueiredo
 With the Assistants
Having fun getting to know each other.
President showing them their proselyting areas.
We feel so blessed to have these wonderful missionaries here with us.  We definitely have the best in the world.
Welcome Elders

Monday, June 9, 2014

The first Sister Missionaries to ever serve in Angola.
Sister Gomes and Sister Bernardo
 With special permission from the Quorum of the Twelve, they will serve here while awaiting for their visas to serve in Mozambique.  We are so excited to have them here.
Family and friends gather for setting apart 
 Sister Missionaries with their wonderful mothers.
Branch President (and Sister Bernardo's father)
So very happy to have them here.

Do the good byes ever stop? :(
Maybe we will just say Tchau for now. 
 Saying good bye to roommates.
 Elder Cafferty, Stewart, Hyde and Clifford
Elder Brown waiting for his ride home!!
Welcome to Angola Brother and Sister Brown

 Now they are all together...sad to say good bye to those we have grown to love so much.  What a priviledge it is to serve with all these wonderful men.
 The gang shows up to say farewell.  
Elder Hyde has one last trick before he goes home.