Thursday, October 29, 2015


Congratulations Sister Engracia Goncalves.  She will be serving in Cabo Verde.  She will be such a great missionary.  We are so proud of her and her accomplishments.
You can see everyone is very excited for her.


We love the members in Huambo.  Elder and Sister Henry have been serving there for about 6 months.  Elder Henry has been serving as Branch President.
The are so many good members in Huambo and they have really grown to love this wonderful couple.   

 The Henrys have served diligently  with great love and devotion.  They will be missed in Huambo.

Elder and Sister Henry have worked very hard with the Primary kids and all the members there.
  Under the direction of our Priesthood leaders and after much prayer and fasting, the decision was made to change Huambo from a Branch to a Group.  In doing this Elder Henry was released as Branch President and they were transferred back to Luanda.
Brother Candundu Beato was called as Group Leader.

Elder and Sister packing up for the move back to Luanda.

 Elder Henry always making sure the load is secure.

Back in Luanda and time to unload!

Welcome Back Elder and Sister Henry...

Sunday, October 25, 2015


We welcomed 4 new missionaries during the month of September.  Two from South Africa and two from United States.  They arrived one week apart.  So very happy to have them here.  
 Welcome Elder Harmaans and Elder Mochaki from South Africa. 
 With new companions, Elder Marqueza, Elder Harmaans, Elder Mistola and Elder Mochaki.
Elder Henry, Sister Henry, Elder Mavile, Elder Marqueza, Elder Harmaans, Elder Mistola, Elder Mochaki, Elder Alfredo and Brother Fernando  
(A member who was there to welcome the new missionaries)

 Welcome Elder Mitchell and Elder Webber
 With new companions, Elder Ostler, Elder Mitchell, Elder Webber and Elder Conde. 
Elder Ostler, Elder Conde, Elder Henry, Sister Henry, Elder Mitchell, Elder Mavile, Elder Webber, Elder Alfredo.
(the spots are from the rain... happy in all weather!!)
Two very happy Elders.


Of course we have the best and most dedicated missionaries in the world.  We are so proud of each one of them.  Through street contacting, transfers, divisions and all avenues of service.

 Elder Marqueza returning from Lubango.
 Elder Rush, Elder Alfredo and Elder Mavile on a trip with President and Sister Merrill 
 Lubango Elders with Assistants visiting.
Elder Rush, Elder Mutombo, Elder Mavile, Elder Paulino, Elder Alfredo.
Welcoming home one of our missionaries from Angola.  Elder Andre served with us for 6 months before he went to serve in Portugal.  With Elder Ostler and Elder Cambarame.  

President having interviews and home inspections.

Elder Conduandhe and Elder Paulino with President Merrill.
Elder Smith and Elder Jensen. 
Elder Slade and Elder Christensen.
Elder Bradshaw and Elder Melo.

 Elder Armindo and Elder Magaia.  Gathering diesel for their generator. 
Sister Merrill with Elder Mavile and Elder Alfredo.  Waiting at the Clinic for blood tests.
Our wonderful missionaries participating a baptism.
Meeting together for training... 

We are blessed!!!


District Conference is always such a rewarding time for us and we hope the members learn and feel the Spirit during the meetings.  We currently have about 1200 members in the District.  We had about 700 in attendance.  We love these members and their faithfulness.    


Sister Henry and Elder Mavile helping set up the equipment.
 Sister Merrill had a special training for the women leaders.

 While the women were meeting the Priesthood Leaders meet with President Merrill.

After the separate meetings, we enjoyed the teachings of our leaders.  President Merrill taught us about the importance of councils in our homes and in the Gospel.  


 We had beautiful music from the District choir.

President Merrill addressing the members.

Sister Merrill 
President Vieira and others shared their thoughts and testimonies.
Young Sister Braga made us a gift representing our family. 
We love seeing the happy members and the missionaries as they gather together to strengthen each other. 

We are truly blessed to rub shoulders with such good members.