Thursday, October 29, 2015


We love the members in Huambo.  Elder and Sister Henry have been serving there for about 6 months.  Elder Henry has been serving as Branch President.
The are so many good members in Huambo and they have really grown to love this wonderful couple.   

 The Henrys have served diligently  with great love and devotion.  They will be missed in Huambo.

Elder and Sister Henry have worked very hard with the Primary kids and all the members there.
  Under the direction of our Priesthood leaders and after much prayer and fasting, the decision was made to change Huambo from a Branch to a Group.  In doing this Elder Henry was released as Branch President and they were transferred back to Luanda.
Brother Candundu Beato was called as Group Leader.

Elder and Sister packing up for the move back to Luanda.

 Elder Henry always making sure the load is secure.

Back in Luanda and time to unload!

Welcome Back Elder and Sister Henry...

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