Thursday, January 28, 2016


We love to see the members progress in the Gospel.
Seminary Students in the Cassequel Branch. 

New leadership in the new Cassequel Branch. 
New leadership in the new Prenda Branch.  
I love how the children run to greet their former Primary President. 

Comparing notes and evaluating the 
events of the day...
District President, President Quiame
Counselor, President Nequetela
President Merrill


Elder Gabriel just returned from serving in Ghana.  He served with us here for a short time while waiting for his Visa.

 Elder Francisco -- recently returned in November
New Branch President -- President Moreno
Elder Andre Mendes -- recently returned in October
Brother Gabriel -- Elder Gabriel
Great men and good friends who love and support one another. 

Once again it is a privilege for us to know these fine young men.


Visiting homes, sitting in meetings, and just having fun!!!
 At their house in Viana.
Elder Cambarame and Elder Dawson 
with Sister Merrill
Elder Pedro, President Merrill, Sister Merrill, Elder Conde, Elder Smith
 Elder Mavile, President Merrill, Sister Merrill, (A Member??  Sorry I don't have a name!!) 
 Elder Paulino 
 Wave a camera and they all pose!!
front--Elder Mavile, Elder Paulino
2nd row--Elder Delano, Elder Webber, Elder Harmaans, 
Elder Lematua, Elder Dlamini
3rd row (back)--Elder Dum and Elder Maxinho
back to front --
Elder Harmaans, Elder Mochaki, Elder Davis, 
Elder Delano
 At their house in Kilamba...
Elder Davis, Elder Delano, President Merrill, Sister Merrill, Elder Mochaki, Elder Harmaans. 
What happens when you give an Elder your camera???
A selfie of course!!!  Elder Ostler...  :-)
Luanda 2 Zone 
 front row--President & Sister Merrill, Sister & Elder Henry
2nd row -- Elder Marqueza, Elder Victor, Elder Jemuce, 
Elder Paulino, Elder Ostler, Elder Charoa
3rd row--Elder Mbobosi, Elder Harmaans, Elder Armindo, Elder Maxinho, 
Elder Mochaki, Elder Christensen, Elder Dlamini, Elder Parker, Elder Dum, Elder Webber
Standing in back--Elder Jeyamby, Elder Davis, Elder Raso 


Good bye to Elder Rodrigues.  Elder Rodrigues had difficulties with his Visa and was re-assigned to serve in his hometown of Luanda.  He was a very obedient missionary and blessed the lives of the people he loved. 
 Elder Pedro, Elder Rodrigues, Elder Delano 

 His sister was waiting to greet him... :-) 
 More of the greeting committee!!!
Elder Rogrigues with his Father.

 All together again after two years. 

Welcome Elder Mbobosi...
 The Assistants Elder Paulino and Elder Ostler waiting at the airport for his arrival. 
President Merrill at 1:00 a.m. still waiting!!!!
 After about 12 hours of waiting.....he finally arrived.  We were all quite happy!!
 Elder and Sister Henry, Elder Ostler, 
Elder Harmaans, Elder Mbobosi, Elder Paulino.
Arriving at his new apartment. 
 This is definitely an act of service....

Thank you Elders for your dedication to the Lord!!


We love these Angolans and always enjoy visiting in their homes. 
 The Paixao family
 Rosa and Helder -- he is a member and she wants to be soon.
 Rosa was just recently baptized and her son was baptized this past week. 
Some of the Goncalves family kids.
4 Generations -- Matriarch is Domingas, her granddaughter, Alice is in the back next to the missionaries, Alice's mother is next to me, Gizela.  The girls belong to Alice.  Their names are Laura and Alexandra.  Gizela was baptized the next day.  They are now all members. 

Just to look into their faces, you can see the joy and happiness these people have.  What a privilege we have to be here with them. 


Every chapel in Angola is a rented building.  Most are converted homes.  But they are all very comfortable and very functional for the members.  
Morro Bento Chapel

 Terra Nova Chapel 

 Benfica Chapel

Lubango Chapel
  Adding a new Sacrament Meeting room. 

Huambo Chapel

Cassequel Chapel 

Viana Chapel 
Each building has a large meeting room for Sacrament meeting and is also used for other meetings.  

This is a picture of the first meeting house for the Luanda 2 Branch.