Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another trip to Lubango and Huambo...transfer time so took more of our good friends with us.
Elder Clifford, Elder Money, Elder Dunkley, Elder Hyde

Do you think Elder Dunkley is tired?

 How man Elders does it take to wrap around an Imbondeiro tree?  Or climb it?

 Fixing dinner for the Lubango Elders...Where is the food?  We're hungry!

Lubango Elders with Assistants
Elder Clifford, Elder Money, Elder Dunkley, Elder Wilhelm, Elder Wilson, Elder Hyde and President Merrill

Then on to Huambo

 Elder Whittaker, Elder Tingey, Elder Clifford, Elder Hyde, Elder McCune and Elder Tilley
P-day with the Huambo Elders...picnic under the mango tree

 Cool trees that grow crazy!

Self defense training...

Happy group of dedicated Elders
 Elder Clifford playing peek-a-boo under the car seat!!

Scenes from the drive home to Luanda

This month we said goodbye to some great Elders...Elder Hobbs and Elder Chandler and Elder Francisco.
Thank you gentlemen for your service.

And the crowd showed up to say goodbye

No explanation needed!!!
Just kidding...I'm not!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Scenes around Angola




Can you do your hair like Sister Gregorio?