Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Traveling the streets of Luanda
This is where our appointment is...

 Elder Dunkley and Elder Cambarame
making a visit with President Merrill.

 Elder Cambarame, Elder Conde, Elder Merkley,
Elder Alfredo
in front...Elder Magaia
Streets of Lubango.
 Making a visit in Huambo with
Elder Maezanne and Elder Marqueza

When we meet these wonderful people our hearts are touched and our testimonies are strengthened.


Visiting with Sister Rosa and her neighbors is always a treat.
 Stop and test all the herbs...
We always feel welcome...
Sister Rosa's mother is 86 and still going strong.
 Hanging out under the Mango tree.
Sister Rosa showing us how it's done...
 Sister Merrill and Sister Nistler trying to make music.
 President Merrill and Elder Nistler
really going on the drums!!!
 Elder Maezanne and Elder Marqueza
have had some practice.


Road trip to Huambo with
Elder Maezane and Elder Marqueza
and Elder and Sister Nistler.

Beautiful country with great company.

First thing on the agenda is a Youth Conference...
So we made a bus run to encourage participation!!
The Nistlers really did a good job teaching, laughing and having them all together.
While the kids play, the women (of course) do crafts!!
Making a beautiful wreath...
and now to hang it we need help!!!
...and they are so happy...

Sunday with stickers :)

After church while we are waiting for lunch, President receives some whistling lessons.

Learning the African Way...
...and loving every minute.

Heading back home with a heart full of love and memories.


A day of fun, learning, eating and being together.
 Elder Rigby, Elder Petersen, Elder Hollingsworth,
(far right) Elder Dunkley
 Elder Cook and Elder Garcia--love these smiles...
  Our wonderful Army of Truth.
 President Merrill playing Superman!
 Elder Abdo trying to sneak in a quick rest.
 Elder and Sister Abdo
District President Quiame and Sister Quiame
Counselor in the Angola Luanda Mission, President Baptista and Sister Baptista
 Elder and Sister Abdo, Elder and Sister Henry
and Elder and Sister Nistler
 Elder Nash--quite the selfie!!!
Are they up to mischevious??