Thursday, January 28, 2016


Visiting homes, sitting in meetings, and just having fun!!!
 At their house in Viana.
Elder Cambarame and Elder Dawson 
with Sister Merrill
Elder Pedro, President Merrill, Sister Merrill, Elder Conde, Elder Smith
 Elder Mavile, President Merrill, Sister Merrill, (A Member??  Sorry I don't have a name!!) 
 Elder Paulino 
 Wave a camera and they all pose!!
front--Elder Mavile, Elder Paulino
2nd row--Elder Delano, Elder Webber, Elder Harmaans, 
Elder Lematua, Elder Dlamini
3rd row (back)--Elder Dum and Elder Maxinho
back to front --
Elder Harmaans, Elder Mochaki, Elder Davis, 
Elder Delano
 At their house in Kilamba...
Elder Davis, Elder Delano, President Merrill, Sister Merrill, Elder Mochaki, Elder Harmaans. 
What happens when you give an Elder your camera???
A selfie of course!!!  Elder Ostler...  :-)
Luanda 2 Zone 
 front row--President & Sister Merrill, Sister & Elder Henry
2nd row -- Elder Marqueza, Elder Victor, Elder Jemuce, 
Elder Paulino, Elder Ostler, Elder Charoa
3rd row--Elder Mbobosi, Elder Harmaans, Elder Armindo, Elder Maxinho, 
Elder Mochaki, Elder Christensen, Elder Dlamini, Elder Parker, Elder Dum, Elder Webber
Standing in back--Elder Jeyamby, Elder Davis, Elder Raso 

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