Sunday, October 25, 2015


With the Henrys serving in Huambo as Branch President and the other two Senior Couples gone, we found ourselves alone with the missionaries and having an extra load for a short time.  Things were difficult at times but the Lord in his wisdom brought the help and inspiration when needed.  Here are just a few of our day to day activities.  

 One challenge on our list was our kitchen floor.  Some of the tiles were coming up and needed replaced...
 But after much work and many hours...

 With no office couple, we try to use the missionaries when we can to help organize and stock supplies.
 Aren't they wonderful...  We have the best in the world.
 Sometimes finding furniture and mattresses fall into our job description.  
HMMMM...  which one is the best??
 And of course, there is the regular care of the vehicles...
 We have been searching and negotiating for a piece of property for the church to purchase.  Right now the church owns no property in Angola.  All the buildings are leased.  Maybe this will be the site for a chapel someday.  We are working on negotiations with the owner and the Church. 
Hopefully soon!!
This is a typical day in the life of Angola.  Our motto is....

D&C 49:27
"I will go before you and be your rearward: and I will be in your midst..."

The Lord is ALWAYS there to prepare the way.

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