Monday, June 23, 2014

We cannot describe the joy of a visit to the Orphanage.
(with words of wisdom)
 Don't throw your trash on the ground.
 Don't hit your brother.
 The owner of the orphanage is in her 90s. 
She is in the center.

 Elder and Sister Henry, Elder Dredge and Elder McCune
While we are there, we help the kids learn Math and have reward stickers for them.  They love the boys with the white shirts!!!

  Elder McCune and Elder Banta
 Elder Hollingsworth
Elder Alfredo
 President Merrill
 Elder Figueiredo

Elder Chatwin and Elder Dredge.  Wow he's happy with his reward stickers!!
 Elder Hollingsworth
Also enjoying the use of the reward stickers!!
 Elder Pimentel
 Playing, laughing and singing together

 Enjoying the dolls Sister Henry brought.
Sister Merrill and Elder Chatwin passing out treats.

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