Thursday, June 5, 2014

Saying Good Bye to some more Wonderful Elders...
  Farewell dinner for missionaries leaving and their companions.
Elders Andre, Castleton, Brown, Montgomery, Mariquele, Pimentel and Clifford.

Elder Montgomery, Elder Mariquele and Elder Pimentel
(Who can drink all the corn juice?)
Elder Mariquele saying good bye to his roommates, Elder Sefita, Elder Quezeda and Elder McCune


Elder Mariquele leaving for home to be with his family. 
Elder Andre (after 6 months waiting for his visa)
leaving to serve in Portugal.
Elder Montgomery and Elder Castleton have served well and now will return home to their families.
Will the real Elder Montgomery please come forward.......
Thank you for your service
Elder Montgomery and Elder Castleton


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