Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our first week with the Elders. Thanks for sharing your sons.

What a wonderful group of young men called to serve our Lord.  We are so proud of each of them and the opportunity we have to love them all.

The guard wanted in on the fun!
Our first mission conference
Doing what they do best
They just think they are taller!!!


  1. The word from Elder Wilson is that he is so excited to have you there and that Pres. Merrill has a sense of humor like his dad. He says you seem so familiar.
    Thank you for taking care of our boys/men there in AFrica. Wow what an experience. With such a few elders you will get super close to them all.
    Best to you both,
    Liza Wilson

  2. Great job on the blog Sister M. see it is so easy. These Elder LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- Tammy Montgomery

  3. The blog is awesome mom! You and dad are glowing in every picture!!! I'm proud of you!

  4. Wonderful blog! I love seeing and reading about the happenings of the mission. It brings it home!! Thank you!
    Love Chandler family