Sunday, July 20, 2014

Huambo Visit

 On the way to Huambo with Elder and Sister Abdo.
Picnic time!!
 Always great to be with the Elders.
l to r -- Elder Bernardo, Elder Fontaine, Elder Abdo, Sister Abdo, the owner of the restaurant, Sister Merrill, President Merrill, Elder Rodrigues, Elder Rigby

 Banana Fields

 Now this is quite a story!!!  We see women
everywhere on the rocks grinding their corn. 
So we stopped to take some pictures.

They take the raw field corn and cut it off the cob.
Then they begin to pulverize it with these wooden mallets
on the rocks.

 They hit it and restack it all in one motion.
Then they "grind" it some more until it is just right, then they sift it into flour.
So, I tried it...sorry the video is unavailable!
I seriously could not pick up the mallet. 
It was so heavy!!!!!!  But those ladies had a good time watching this weak American woman try to be an Angolan!!

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