Friday, August 29, 2014


 The purpose of our visit was to spend time with Brother and Sister Benito Muhitu and their family.  What strength this family has.  They are the only members in this city, but are very faithful members.
 Benito (father), Arlete (mother),
Andreia (daughter), Aguidelmo (son)
  ...All together we can build the future.
I thought this was such a great message!!
This was on a wall along the street.
Train Station
Scenes from around town...

 Kids on their way to school with their chairs on their heads and others in their uniforms.
 Fires burning outside the city.
 Still clearing out the mines from the war.

 Chicken farm out in the country.

 Everyone uses the river water.
 Traffic is the same everywhere!!

 Workers in the fields. 
 Solar powered street lights
With the Assistants,
Elder Chatwin and Elder Dredge

 Delivering needed supplies to a
recent widow and her family.
    Scenes from the resort we stayed at.
Photo Bomb!!
Elder Dredge and Elder Chatwin...

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