Friday, November 28, 2014


Time to say goodbye to more wonderful Elders.  Elders Banta, Tingey, McCune and Dredge are leaving Angola and going back home. 
 Elder Banta and Elder Tingey relaxing before the flight.
 Elder Dredge and Elder McCune.
 How many times can a missionary repack their suitcase?

 Such a handsome group of Elders.
Elder Dredge, Elder Banta, Elder Tingey and Elder McCune

 Elder Dredge wanted to drive in the city one last time!!
At the airport finally  :)

 Love these Elders...
 Some day I will grow up...
 Elder Banta
Elder McCune
 Elder Tingey
Elder Dredge
                                                     Goodbye until we meet again.  You have served well.

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