Thursday, July 16, 2015


Sometimes it's just fun to have an unbirthday party!!
Together we had a birthday in January, February, March and April.  That calls for a celebration don't you think?
One of the most rewarding opportunities is sending missionaries out to
Preach the Gospel.
(April 25, 2015)
Here are some of the faithful Priesthood Leaders...
District President Quiame, Branch Presidents...President Paulo and President Nascimento. 
 The newest Angolan missionaries...
Sister Paulo, Elder Garcia and Elder Haimbili.
 Elder Haimbili, Elder Garcia, President Merrill,
 Sister Merrill, Sister Paulo,
Elder Almeida (also from Angola)
 New Missionaries with Sister and Elder Nistler.
 Branch President Paulo, Elder Haimbili, Branch President Nascimento, Sister Paulo, Sister Merrill, President Merrill, Sister Quiame, District President Quiame, Elder Garcia, Elder Almeida in front.
President giving last minute instructions.

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