Monday, August 31, 2015


The Assistants to the President

Elder Mavile and Elder Alfredo
  Luanda 1 Zone Meeting
front row -- l to r President Merrill, Elder Pedro, Elder Maezane, Elder Lematua,
 Elder Charoa
back row l to r -- Elder Jensen, Elder Conduahne, Elder Smith, Elder Christensen, 
Elder Slade, Elder Mistola, Elder Mugisha, Elder Mills, Elder Conde, Elder Raso

Elder Raso teaching... 
And...  Helping with office procedures.  
What would we do without them?

Elder Mills shredding and sorting.

 Elder Pedro and 
Elder Conduanhe waiting for instruction.

Elder Dum and Elder Ostler doing some organizing.
Sister Merrill, teaching and explaining.

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