Sunday, September 13, 2015


During different times of the year they burn the countryside.  This helps clear the old corn stalks, etc. to prepare for the new season.  It is absolutely amazing that the fires don't burn out of control.  There is so much moisture in the air and the ground, they are very contained.  No wonder we have so many sinus problems!!  :(

Don't these look like you could be in the land of Dr. Seuss?
Or in Whoville?

 The need for speed is even in Angola. 

Monkeys on the road.  One found a banana!!

 The guards at the toll gate.  hahahaha

This tree has very strange spider webs. 

 One of the very few stop signs in Portuguese. 
They usually just say STOP.

 I have NEVER seen hay bales like this here!!
I was amazed!!!
We have seen the very antique farming with wooden plows and cattle to modern day farming with John Deere. 

 And.... who needs a pickup?   Just be creative!!

Of course we are always amazed at these resourceful 
African women.

Just some cool looking buildings along the way.

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