Sunday, November 29, 2015


From pigs to flamingos...Elders to coffins!!!  Take a trip with us... around the scenes of Angola.

He is in HOG heaven!!
 Along the beaches...sometime the waves really come in high.

 Feeding the monkeys on the road a banana.

Our traveling companions...
Elder Paulino, Elder Mavile, Elder Rodrigues

Elder Alfredo needed some warmth when the sun went down.

 You can buy anything on the street...even a duck for dinner.
 A local pigeon roost. Many buildings have nails or glass to keep the pigeons off. 

This is one way you haul your chickens to the market!!

Pink Flamingos around the city...
 This is a frightening scene to me. 
 What is keeping that baby safe if Mom falls off? 

 Moving cattle is a common scene.
These goat farmers met a truck on the road to take their goats to the "market".
They were just picking them up and throwing them in!!!
THE FINAL SCENE... the truck transforms into a HEARSE!!  See the coffin in the back?

YES, always something to see and to learn.  What an adventure.

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