Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Well, it is obvious that I have fallen behind in my blog entries.  I will apply the principle of repentance and hope to get caught up soon.  As I enter the events of the past two months I am reminded how busy life can become and how much we see that needs to be done.  We have learned so much this last month and the tasks seem to have been overwhelming at times.  I am reminded of the recent talk by President Uchtdorf reminding us to not become so busy that we forget to do the things that are important.  We have tried to remember that but at the same time remember that sometimes we need to be busier than usual to accomplish what we have to do.  In looking back, I have seen the Lord carry us through many of the learning and doing!
We will continue with faith and hope.  Our testimonies and our love for the Savior will continue to grow.  I will do what I can to catch up with pictures and stories of our mission. 

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