Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Saying good bye to some great Elders...
Elder Garn, Elder Yeanoplis, Elder Dunkley, Elder Merkley.
Elder Dunkley, Elder Yeanoplos and Elder Garn relaxing
before the long trip back home.
Elder Merkley doing some last minute packing.
 Even getting a last minute nap.   
Elder Merkley doesn't look at the camera very often so
 I feel priviledged to have this picture!! 
 Elder Dunkley
Elder Yeanoplos
 This is actually our last group of Elders
that were here when we arrived. 
It was kind of sad saying good bye to them.
We felt like we were really being left on our own. 
 As always Elder Abdo was there to help.
 Sister Henry, Elder Garn, Elder Gracia,
Elder Nistler, Sister Nistler
Elder Garn
Elder Merkley
Elder Dunkley
 Elder Yeanoplos
 Elder Garn, Elder Yeanoplos,
President Merrill, Sister Merrill
Elder Dunkley, Elder Merkley
A good bye salute to our friends.  Thank you for the example of faith and dedication.  You have all earned our love.

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