Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Sao Miguel Fort
We have visited this place many times.  This Fort overlooks the city and the waterways.  It was used during the Portugal war when Angola was trying to gain their freedom from Portugal.  It is really amazing how much of the city and the ocean you can see from here.  
This is the view leaving the fort.  You can see the government buildings in the background. 

I bet Amy didn't even know she had grown rabbit ears.
Look at this key!!!  If you had to carry more than one that would be quite a large key ring!!  Now to go find the door it goes to.
Maybe Amy found the locked door? 
Or maybe she is trying to close it?

This wall has cannon ports everywhere. 
Can you see the fishermen way out providing 
for their family. 

Here we are in the heat!!  Are we having fun yet?

Antonio Agostinho Neto Memorial
Antonio Neto was the first elected President in Angola after they won their freedom from Portugal. He left a great legacy and helped the Angolans in so many ways.
Checking out the grounds and the statues.
Time to enter...
These bronze statues represent all the different ways of life in Angola.  
Nurse, miner, farmer, oil worker, mother, etc.
With Amy and Sister Henry in front of the Angola flag.
Elder Henry and President Merrill with our tour guide.
Always missionaries...teaching the tour guide about the church. 
Out on the balcony overlooking the city. 
In front of his signature with Amy, Sister Henry and Elder Henry.

One of the may beautiful Angola flowers.

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