Friday, May 27, 2016


Beautiful birds or scavengers?  
These birds are everywhere!!
You can see flocks of them anywhere around the country.

Roads and Rain
 It is always an adventure when you get in the car!
You never know what the road conditions 
may be for the day. 

 Maybe full of challenging traffic...

Maybe heavy rain...
Maybe an accident that might be removed 
within the week. 
Or just maybe a broken down bus being pushed!!
But you can bet our missionaries are still working!!
(Elder Delano and Elder Dum)

There is beauty and adventures all around!!
 A youth soccer team on the way to a "big game".
 overlooking a neighborhood...
Just outside of the traffic we still have farmers moving their cattle.
 Overlooking the city of Luanda.
And the diversity of the city... looking out a window of a condominium.
 I love the majesty of these Imbondeiro trees.
The fruit of the Imbondeiro tree is just as interesting.
Our lives will never be the same!! 

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