Friday, March 25, 2016


Few words are needed to explain the diversity of the city.  From great beautiful government buildings to the poorest of neighborhoods.
Wow!!  He even has a car repair here in Angola????  Wow, he's good!!!

 I'm pretty sure there are a few safety violations here.  Can you see both men trying to cut the top off this tree?

Different government Buildings.... 
 in public transportation??!!

Every day traffic and neighborhoods.
President Baptista helping President Merrill locate a residence. 

Main Post Office
A street vendor has made him a chair to rest!!  hahaha Clever!!

After a mild rain. 
 Any day of the week on any empty lot, large or small, there is a soccer game.
Whoa dude!!!  I think your load of water bottles has shifted!! 
Yellow Fever is a big deal here.  After an outbreak, the government starting having free vaccination clinic around town. 

This is a funeral procession.  They sing all the way to the cemetery as they follow the hearse.  Below is a group unloading at the cemetery. 

 Some happy kids that have found a place to play.  Can you see the little girl in her "fort"?  They are having a good time!

A big oil company building by day and by night.

I always love having the children around.  I bent down to be on their level and they all bent down too....gotta laugh!!!  So sweet and so precious.

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