Thursday, March 31, 2016


Our Elders take English classes with Sister Henry.  When completed they take a computer test and receive a certificate of proficiency.  This is part of a program offered to every mission through the Missionary Department. 
Elder Mistola receiving his English certificate. 
Elder Paulino receiving his English certificate. 
Elder Mavile receiving his English certificate.  
Elder Victor receiving his English certificate. 
President Merrill teaching and guiding.

Sister Merrill teaching...
Time for lunch prepared by the hard work of the McBrides, Sister Henry, Sister Weggeland and many others.  They all did such a good job. 
President and Sister Baptista
President and Sister Quiame enjoying the wonderful food. 
Mindy and Sister Weggeland helped so much in the kitchen...
taking a break visiting with the missionaries.  
Elder Pedro, Elder Victor, Elder Mistola, 
Elder Cambarame 
Elder Mistola, Elder Victor, Elder Champion, Elder Bradshaw with McBrides. 
Camrie, Cade, Kalee President and Sister Merrill, Mindy and Daniel. 
 Elder Paulino, Elder Mistola, Elder Conde, 
Elder Armindo, Elder Victor, 
Elder Cambarame, McBrides, Elder Dawson, Elder Champion.
front -- Elder Sousa, Elder Charoa, Elder Champion, Elder Lematua,
Elder Jemuce, Elder Mavile, Elder Armindo, President Merrill, Elder Henry, Elder Paulino.
Standing first row...Elder Mistola, Elder Victor, Elder Cambarame, Elder Slade, Elder Motumbo, Sister Merrill, Sister Henry, Elder Ostler, Elder Macomo, Elder Dlamini
2nd row...Elder Harmaans, Elder Pedro, Elder Dlamini, Elder Mochaki
3rd row...Elder Davis, Elder Christensen, Elder Conde, Elder Nkambuli, Elder Bradshaw, Elder Raso, Elder
back row...Elder Delano, Elder Parker, Elder Smith, Elder Mills, Elder Dum, Elder Dawson, Elder Webber, Elder Mitchell, Elder Conduanhe, Elder Jeyambe.

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