Thursday, March 24, 2016


Here I am again, trying to catch up!! 
Just some fun pictures from our last trip to Lubango.
 This is one of those things I seem to want a picture of everytime we drive by.
I call this my "candy house"!!  hahahaha
 I love how the Africans just rest wherever they are and whatever time it is!!
Find shade...take a nap!!!

A quick stop in Lovito just for fun.

We found a pretty little cove as we drove though Lobito.  We tried to take some selfies!!  We are old school and not very good at it!!!  But had fun trying!!!
The cove looks beautiful...
A fun little park in the middle of the to the cove.

Scenes along the way... beach and countryside.
It is beautiful this time of year.  It never gets old.

Old forts from Colonial days...look hard and you can see the cannon.
Single homes to villages...

 And my favorite of eternal companion.

...and lots of monkeys...

 Love - love - love the momma and baby!!!

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