Saturday, March 26, 2016


Elder Kumbulame Mdletshe was our visiting Authority for this conference.  We had 706 in attendance.  We love meeting with these wonderful Saints.  
This was a little emotional for us.  We realized that this is our last District Conference here in Angola. 
Beautiful young ladies waiting for conference to start, and families arriving.   

Elder Mdletshe giving instructions.

President Merrill reviewing the Area Plan.

 Elder Mdletshe

Greeting the member after Conference.
 The Quemba family is leaving this week to be sealed in the temple.  Father and 6 children will be sealed with their mother who died a little over a year ago.  They are a very special family.

 Sister Gomes with her her three daughters and grandson. 

Sonia and Martial were sealed in the temple 
 last month.
 Elder Ostler, Branch President Paulo, Branch President Merino, Elder Paulino
 Sharp looking Elders... Elder Harmaans, Elder Mbobosi, Elder Sousa, Elder Mochaki.
Elder Paulino and Elder Ostler always helping.

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