Friday, March 25, 2016


Great trip to Huambo with Elder and Sister Henry.  We enjoyed the drive and loved visiting with the members there.  Elder & Sister Henry served there for about 7 months.  This was their first trip back.

This is the Hotel where we always stay.  We have found it very comfortable and very accommodating. 

 The dear Saints whom we have grown to love.  They are all so very special to us.
 They have a special Hymn book that has a History of the Branch.  Here is a list of all the Branch Presidents and when they served.  What a great treasure this is for them to have.
 Time to head for home
We always see some very interesting things.
This is how to haul your goats.
This is a load of bread going to be sold on the street!!!
  And you can stop and buy anything else you may need...
Along the way home we stopped at Miradouro da Lua.  It is like a mini Bryce Canyon in Angola.  A very beautiful place to visit.
Elder and Sister Henry enjoying the trip.
Elder Henry snapped a picture of us trying to see some of the pictures we had just taken.  
Can you say cheese?
The end of a wonderful trip.

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